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Vacuum feeding system

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Aesthetically pleasing, the equipment features dual use (powder, granular materials), on the principle of vacuum pneumatic conveyor, stainless steel composite structure, with the pulse counter blowing device, material separation rate is high, but to all kinds of powder, granule materials complete conveyor feeding automatic control. 

This machine is the contact point with material using stainless steel composite structure, simple operation, easy maintenance. 

At the same time equipped with professional transport aggregate feeding machine, can be used with a hopper dryer, dry feed automatic integration.Is the earliest use of human material handling, with the improvement of domestic machinery DianQiHua degree, then gradually evolved into use vortex pump vacuum suction, but because not integration, there are a lot of inconvenient and unsafe factors, generated by domestic mechanical design integration equipment after vacuum powder feeder vacuum powder feeder adopts vacuum suction conveying principle, cylinder stainless steel composite structure, and USES the material switch, responsive, quality is stable.Unique adopts vacuum pump machine, small size, low noise, long service life. 

Air pump when the pump rotation formed vacuum negative pressure between airflow, the material being inhaled suction nozzle, formation flow, after absorbing material arrive tube feeding machine in the bin.Filter the complete separation of raw material and air, when material filled with bunker, the controller will automatically cut off power supply, vacuum feeder stop working, and at the same time bin door open, material into the hopper in the equipment.At the same time, the compressed air through the pulse counter blowing valve automatic cleaning filter.Wait until time to or material level sensor signal feeding, automatic start feeding machine.Has a simple structure, small volume, maintenance free, low noise, easy control, eliminate electrostatic material and conform to GMP requirements, etc.Vacuum pump of high vacuum, pump vacuum powder pump rotation occurred high vacuum feeder is used for material conveying.Materials to be transported to eliminate the phenomenon of stratification and ensure the mixed material composition uniformity, non-woven non-woven machine, tablet press, capsule filling machine, dry granule machine, 

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