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Zenit reflux pump UNIQA series

2020-07-15 15:17:00

Zenit reflux pump UNIQA series applications

* UNIQA series pumps are specially designed for heavy-duty conditions and professional fields, and are used for industrial and other sewage treatment plants to discharge and transport wastewater containing solid particles.

* UNIQA adopts motor to achieve high efficiency grade (IE3), meet EN 60034-30 standard, ensure high energy efficiency and low energy consumption of water pump. Equipped with four types of hydraulic performance impeller, suitable for various applications.

Zenit reflux pump UNIQA series models divided into four hydraulic impeller:

* High performance vortex impeller (ZUG V) to ensure large flow capacity;

* ZUG OC with anti-blocking and anti-fouling system;

* High lift impeller (ZUG HP) can ensure high hydraulic performance of the pump;

* With cutting system impeller (ZUG GR) suitable for sewage containing solid particles and fibers;

* The impeller with heavy duty cutting system (ZUG CP) can crush solid impurities of any shape and material.

According to the customer requirements of the service, according to the working point to each model of the pump with efficient motor and excellent internal components to achieve the best performance, thanks to the high quality of the water pump material, to ensure that the pump low energy consumption, high efficiency, suitable for various working conditions.

The full SERIES of UNIQA pumps are also available in a dry version that can operate without external media, even in partial submersion conditions, with continuous operation in S1 mode or dry installation.

ZUG V reflux pump

* Cast iron non-blocking vortex impeller

* Excessive flow capacity

Transport of unfiltered biological sewage and wastewater

* Sewage upgrading for civil pumping stations and livestock and industrial equipment

ZUG OC open runner

* Cast iron runner impeller

* Excessive flow capacity

* Transport of liquid containing suspended particulate matter

* Suitable for drainage in sewers and primary rainwater tanks

All pumps are equipped with high efficiency hydraulic components, with superior performance to ensure super overcurrent capacity.

Available in cast iron, stainless steel, bronze/aluminum or MolIB-Tech hardened coated ™ impellers, an innovative coating process that guarantees longer life than traditional ceramic coatings.

All pump models with runner type hydraulic performance characteristics axial regulating system, can clear impeller scale, to ensure good performance under conventional wear.

The ACS (anti-clogging system) consists of spiral grooves and is suitable for cutting at the depth of the aeration disc.

Prevent impellers to accumulate scale to cause clog, prevent fiber material to entangle.

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