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Zenit Jetoxy 50 diving aerator

2020-06-22 14:16:18

JETO Zenit Jetoxy 50 Diving aerator

The JETOXY 50 submersible aerator system consists of a Venturi jet aerator and a submersible pump. The power range of the pump is 0.37-1.5KW, with a semi-open impeller or vortex impeller. JETOXY can select the best working curve according to requirements to save energy.

OXY submersible aerators can be used in municipal or industrial sewage and sludge treatment equipment, or in any situation requiring stirring and aeration. The system can be coupled without emptying the pool.

The equipment consists of a tunnel submersible pump with strong overcurrent capacity (maximum power 30kW) and "OXY" series aerators.

The OXY 80 and 150 submersible aerators have a patented polyurethane membrane that can be easily replaced without removing the pump body.

The OXY80 diving aerator flange can be connected to an outlet diameter of 80 or 100 pumps.

Features of Zenit Jetoxy 50 Diving aerator:

* Suitable for matching DRO and DGO series pumps;

* It can be fixed connected to the pump or installed at the bottom of the pool by means of an autocoupling device (DAC).

* Components: OXY main body (horn tube and integral diaphragm), flange adapter with rubber ring and stainless steel bolt; Guide bar

* Materials: main cast iron GJL-250, horn cast iron GJL-250, nuts and bolts stainless steel, epoxy vinyl coating

Venturi submersible aerator ensures full mixing and aeration and is suitable for homogeneous and stable pools, primary rain pools.

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