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YK industrial pneumatic diaphragm pump introduction

2019-11-13 13:52:02

Application of YK pneumatic diaphragm pump:

Pneumatic diaphragm pump in the field of industry is very important, it can be used in flammable and explosive and other harsh environment, to complete a lot of human manual difficult to complete the work, to ensure the safety of staff, reduce economic losses.

* pneumatic diaphragm pump can be used in flammable and explosive environment, reliable, low cost, fluid will not overheat because the diaphragm pump agitation of the fluid is the minimum.

* in the site of bad places, such as the construction site, mining waste water discharge, due to the sewage impurities and complex composition, the pipeline is easy to block, so on the formation of the electric pump load is too high, the motor heat easily damaged. Pneumatic diaphragm pump can pass through the particles and the flow rate is adjustable, the pipeline plug automatically stop to unobstructed.

* pneumatic diaphragm pump can be used to transport chemically unstable fluid.

* in the hazardous, corrosive material treatment, pneumatic diaphragm pump can be material and the outside world completely separated.

YK pneumatic diaphragm pump features:

* pneumatic diaphragm pump volume is small and easy to move, do not need the foundation, occupy the ground is very small, simple and economic installation.

* can be used as a mobile material transport pump. The pneumatic diaphragm pump does not need to fill water, the suction range is up to 5m, the head is up to 70m, the outlet pressure ≥ 7bar. Pneumatic diaphragm pump no rotating parts, no shaft seal, diaphragm and other pumping medium and the moving parts of the pump, the workpiece medium completely separated, the transmission medium will not leak out. So pumping out toxic, volatile or corrosive media, will not cause environmental pollution and harm personal safety.

* pneumatic diaphragm pump does not need to use electricity, in flammable, explosive places to use safe and reliable.

* pneumatic diaphragm pump structure is simple, less vulnerable parts, the pump structure is simple, easy to install and maintain, the pump transmission medium will not contact the valve, link rod and other moving parts, unlike other types of pump because of the wear and tear of the rotor, piston, gear, blade and other parts and make the performance gradually decline.

* pneumatic diaphragm pump with reliable quality long service life, noise bottom, small vibration, never die, fine workmanship and other advantages.

* flow capacious, through good performance, allowing through maximum particle diameter up to 10 mm. Pumping mud, impurities, the pump wear little. The head and flow can be adjusted stepless through the opening of the air valve (the air pressure is adjusted between 1 and 7bar).


Technical parameters of YK pneumatic diaphragm pump:

Flow parts can be selected: cast steel, aluminum alloy, engineering plastics, SS304 and other materials;

Diaphragm can be selected: poly + teflon; Butylene + tetrafluoride; EPDM; Four fluorine; Materials such as fluorine rubber;

Valve ball valve seat optional: butadiene rubber, ptfe, 304 stainless steel material;

The caliber is available from DN15 to DN100.

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