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STUBBE instrument conductive limit level sensor (CFP) is introduced

2019-11-12 13:10:55

STUBBE instrument conductive limit liquid level sensor (CFP) product features:

* compact design, integral relay

* for conductive media

* 2 or 3 1.4751 stainless steel electrodes for 1 or 2 liquid levels

* easy installation with G 1" case thread or DN 25 tube card

* working voltage 24 VDC/ bushing head protection grade IP 67

* these probes will be used for horizontal detection or for 2-point control of conductive liquids.

STUBBE instrument conductive limit liquid level sensor (CFP) :

* as a horizontal detector with 2 probe rods, as a maximum or minimum level display.

* as a horizontal detector with 3 probe rods, as a 2-point control.

Function: the sensor works according to the principle of sensing. If the conducting medium reaches the end of the probe, a conductive connection is formed that is evaluated by the built-in electronics. Electrolysis can be avoided by flowing alternating current.

Operating range of STUBBE instrument conductive limit liquid level sensor (CFP) :

* conductance probes are generally not suitable for oily or fatty media or media capable of forming isolated deposits on their own. • not applicable to non-conductive liquids.

* not applicable to liquids containing larger solid particles.

* not applicable to liquids that can erode stainless steel (1.4571).

STUBBE instrument conductive limit liquid level sensor (CFP) technical parameters:

* power supply • 18... 30 VDC electronic device

* shell: PP reinforced glass fiber; Case cover: PP reinforced glass fiber; Shell seal: NBR;

* connecting cable: diameter of cable outer ring: 7.. 13 mm; Maximum nominal section: 1.5mm squared; Protection grade: IP67 process connector;

* screw into adapter G 1"; Shell: PE; Sealing device: EPDM or optional PE mounting kit

Measurement principle: electrical conductivity probe specification

* material: stainless steel (1.4571); Insulation: partial insulation, polyolefin; Length of probe rod: 100, 500 or 1000 mm (length of probe rod shall be cut by client)

* medium temperature: 0... +70°C ambient temperature; - 20... Environmental pressure at +70°C; 0.8... 1.1 bar relative air humidity; 20... 85% spare parts; PE installation package with PE- pipe clip 40, PE spacing block and PE bracket Angle assembly installation tips; Only vertical installation maintenance can be performed

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