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Plunger diaphragm metering pump used in metallurgical coating industry

2019-11-05 16:11:23

Performance of plunger diaphragm metering pump:

* robust, compact design, small pump head size, with optimized connection.

* the plunger ACTS directly on the compression medium and has high volumetric efficiency.

* suitable for high-pressure environment, suitable for conveying medium without solid particles, * * high viscosity medium and generally corrosive or toxic medium; It is not recommended to use in conveying corrosive slurry and inflammable and explosive dangerous chemicals.

* reliable double CAM structure, suitable for all kinds of harsh conditions, low noise, simple disassembly, easy maintenance.

* graphite fiber seal, more leakproof, long service life.


Application scope of plunger diaphragm metering pump:

* petrochemical, chemical, electric power, metallurgy and other fields, especially in the field of high precision, high pressure, high temperature performance.

Technical parameters

Control mode:

* power supply :380V/ 220v-50hz/three-phase/single-phase

* frequency conversion controller, receiving external control signals, adjusting stroke speed, input signal: 4-20ma analog signal

* motor controller to control the motor in "on/off" mode and adjust the output flow


Technical parameters and model of plunger diaphragm metering pump:

* maximum flow of single head: 75L/h

* maximum discharge pressure: 6Mpa

* steady state accuracy ±1%

* maximum suction lifting height up to 1.5m water column

* medium temperature -10℃ ~ 100℃

* maximum ambient temperature +40℃, highest altitude 1000m

* main components of hydraulic end:

* models:JW75 75、 JW60 、JW50 、JW45、JW38 、JW35 、JW30.

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