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Japan IWAKI Turbine magnetic pump

2020-10-27 14:20:06

MDK series: Turbine magnetic pump 

MDK series: Turbine magnetic pump specification:

* Leak-free Turbine pump

* MDK magnetic pump does not have a series of problems caused by liquid leakage. Its main feature is low flow and high head.

* Built-in self-priming valve

* Pump inlet has built-in self-priming valve. Once the pump is started, self-priming can begin immediately.

* Strong corrosion resistance

* The main components are MADE of SCS313 or SCS14 and can be used to transport biochemical solution or other chemical solution.


MDK series: Turbine magnetic pump technical date:

* The maximum discharge is 80/95 L/min

* Maximum lift is 50/60 m

* The main quality is SCS13, SCS14

* Pump shaft output power 0.2-3.7KW

* The outlet size is 20 ~ 40 mm

* Liquid transfer temperature range 0 ~ 80 °C (please contact Iwaki for details)

* Maximum specific gravity limit is about 1.3 (please contact Iwaki for details)

* Sealing mode has no sealing structure

MDT series magnetic pump

MDT series magnetic pump features:

* Compact appearance, 0.35mpa high pressure

* No shaft seal structure

* Thanks to magnetic drive, the MDT series is free from liquid leakage and shaft seal replacement problems.

* High head, high vacuum

* MDT is compact in appearance, but the head can reach up to 0.35mpa. MDT can also be used for vacuum pumping, vacuum degree up to 8.00kPa.

* Non-metallic structure

* The liquid terminal is made of non-metallic materials, such as PPS, PEEK, ceramics, carbon, etc. It can be used to transport different kinds of acid and alkali liquids.  

* Compact design

* MDT compact design, small size, very convenient for application in integrated equipment.

MDT series magnetic pump technical data:

* The maximum discharge volume is 17/20 L/min

* The maximum discharge pressure is 0.35mpa

* The main materials are GFRPPS, CFRPPS and CFRPEEK

* Suction inlet and outlet size R1/2 or 1/2NPT

* Maximum vacuum 8.00 ~ 9.33kPa (absolute)

* Liquid delivery temperature range - 20 ~ 95°C (contact Iwaki for details)

* Sealing mode has no sealing structure

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