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Germany WILO shielded pump

2019-11-11 17:32:05

Shield pump structure principle and ordinary centrifugal pump the same, the difference is the drive motor. The motor of the shield pump is completely enclosed in the second layer of isolation sleeve or shield sleeve.

In addition, the manufacture of the shielded pump is not complicated, its hydraulic end can be in accordance with the centrifugal pump commonly used structure type and related standard specifications to design, manufacture.

Shielding pump product features

* motor and pump integrated structure, all use static seal, so that the electric pump completely without leakage;

* completely closed and leak-free structure can transport toxic and harmful liquid substances;

* a shielded water-cooled motor and a cooling fan are used to make the pump run quietly with low noise, which is suitable for occasions with high requirements on environmental noise;

* adopt the graphite sliding bearing lubricated by conveying medium, so that the running noise is lower and manual lubrication is not needed, which reduces the maintenance cost; In recent years, the bearing material has added silicon carbide SIC, super hard, service life is better than graphite bearing.

* the vertical structure can be installed on the pipe road like a valve, which is convenient and fast to install, and can be maintained only by pulling out the motor and impeller, without removing the pipe.

* can cooperate with the shock absorber or cushion installation and operation, so that the electric pump in operation noise is lower.

Features of WILO RST temperature controlled shielded pump

* temperature control, time control pump shield pump;

* automatic control of time temperature and control;

* Z15TT with high-temperature disinfection function;

* integrated temperature sensor, no additional need;

Application of WILO weiler RST temperature controlled shielded pump:

* accelerate the circulation of domestic water, so that there is hot water in a faucet;

Secondary hot water circulation systems and similar industrial and building applications;

Features of WILO Z15 shielding pump with temperature control and time control

* time temperature control, automatic sterilization function effectively eliminate legionella;

* LCD;

* temperature sensor in the control box, no additional installation is required;

* pipe length (not) up to (50) 100m when insulated;

Application of WILO Z15 shielding pump with temperature control and time control

* accelerate the circulation of sanitary water, so that there is hot water in a faucet;

Features of WILO top-z shielded pump:

* shielded pump with low noise;

* three-speed adjustable;

* can be connected from either side of the junction box;

* the junction box can be rotated in four directions to accommodate various installations;

* meet drinking water standards;

Application: hot water heating system; Industrial circulation system; Cold water and air conditioning systems; Pressurization of water supply from roof tank downward;

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