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EDWARDS EM series large and medium rotary vane oil seal vacuum pump

2019-11-08 17:02:59

Edward EM series pumps are rugged mechanical oil seal pumps with pumping speeds of 0.7 to 275 m3/hr (30 to 206 CFM). These pumps are compact, quiet in use, with advanced lubrication loops, high reliability, and a variety of accessories to meet specific application requirements.

EM series has the following specifications:

E2M40 double level E2M40T4 double level E2M40FX double level E2M80 double level E2M80T4 double level

E2M80FX two-stage E2M175 two-stage E2M175T3 two-stage E2M175FK two-stage E2M275 two-stage E2M275T3 two-stage

Edward EM series large and medium-sized rotary vane oil-sealed vacuum pump E2M40 and E2M80 product features:

The Edwards E2M series two-stage oil-seal rotary vane vacuum pump is renowned for its high limit vacuum, high extraction speed, low operating noise and the ability to handle water vapor. These direct-drive rotary vane pumps are compact and vibration-free, equipped with an anti-injury hand fan and a coupling housing, providing excellent protection for operators.

Features and advantages

* reliability: reliable and stable process - provides effective lubrication even under high gas loads

* stable: no process pollution - oil and air anti-absorption protection

* performance: long-term trouble-free - industrial grade roller bearings are installed on the drive shaft shaft

* reassurance: peace of mind - after years of trial and testing, it has become an industry standard

* reliable and stable - high vacuum performance

Applications: vacuum metallurgy processing, film coating technology, pharmaceutical freeze-drying, refrigeration and air conditioning system pumping, drying and backfilling

Pump series: E2M40, E2M40FX, E2M40T4, E2M80, E2M80FX, E2M80T4, E2M175, E2M175FX, E2M175T3, E2M275, E2M275T3

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