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power manipulator electric type for vacuum application

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electric air compressor 400 cfm

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electric air compressor nz

The heavier components into the inside of the product to install, especially which are suitable for entering from the side or below the operating path rigid arm, to smooth the parts to be installed material state.


Suitable for installation gesture
· Standard breathe protected disc brakes, buffer cylinders and other security agencies;
· Flexible lap manually or automatically move chassis to meet the scope of services;
· Power Specifications: 0.5 to 0.7Mpa oil-free compressed air
· Load Size: 35 to 350kg


Vertical lifting heavy "stiff" electric hoist, the workpiece was lifted in the balance of gravity "floating" state, so called "balance suspended crawl motion control system is designed to lift control and pneumatic clamps to form an organic whole, the operator can both hands gripping the workpiece positioning operation convenience greatly improved standard integrated control valve, mechanical overspeed security, load detection, self-locking safety agency-wide small and lightweight, and flexible lap installation form to meet the specific arts condition:
Power Specifications :0.5-0 .7 Mpa oil-free compressed air
Load Specifications :68-227kg


Fixture is finished workpiece crawl and execute machine attitude adjustment, this part performance directly determines the use of experience of the operator.transfer solutions as a complete set of materials, fixture design often in one of the most challenging. The face of the ever-changing job object, only by calendar over thousands of design, manufacture and practical feedback to accurately grasp these subtle details.

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