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Lubricating oil/chemical dispensing system

YKQF series have developed its own tanker, using the quantitative filling principle, achieving fuel ration transportation. high precision flowmeter, liquid barrel and related accessories in one.The device can be quantitative filling all kinds of liquids. Filling quantity vary .Loading system controlled by single chip microcomputer /plc, electric gear pump drive, through the system measurement mechanism or equipped with quantitative filling gun to realize quantitative filling. Heat treatment according to the viscosity of the medium at the same time, improve the filling velocity and filling accuracy.Applicable to the engine oil, transmission oil, fuel oil, coolant, oil, hydraulic oil and other oil under the vacuum state in quantitative filling (special chemical medium appropriate components according to their characteristics change).Quantification and filling system design using high quality components and professional structure, raise accuracy, reliability of the system have a good guarantee, at the same time improve the working environment. This system is widely used in petroleum, chemical, paint, oil, medicine, food and other areas.

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YKQF series have developed its own tanker, using the quantitative filling principle, achieving fuel ration transportation. high precision flowmeter, liquid barrel and related accessories in one.

The device can be quantitative filling all kinds of liquids. Filling quantity vary .Loading system controlled by single chip microcomputer /plc, electric gear pump drive, through the system measurement mechanism 

or equipped with quantitative filling gun to realize quantitative filling. Heat treatment according to the visc medium at the same time, improve the filling velocity and filling accuracy.Applicable to the engine oil, transmission oil,

 fuel oil, coolant, oil, hydraulic oil and other oil under the vacuum state in quantitative filling (special chemical medium appropriate components according to their characteristics change).

Quantification and filling system design using high quality components and professional structure, raise accuracy, reliability of the system have a good guarantee, at the same time improve the working environment. This system is widely used in petroleum, chemical, paint, oil, medicine, food and other areas

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