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dosing system with blender in cosmetic industry

dosing system with blender in cosmetic industry,Blender,external gear pump,triplex pump,water pump motor

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dosing system with blender in cosmetic industry

external gear pump


triplex pump

Integration of dosing device integrates online sensors, intelligent control instrument, precision metering pump, back pressure valve, safety valve, damper, specialty chemicals containers and related accessories, has a compact structure, covers an area of small, easy to transport installation and maintenance, etc, is the real integrated drug dosing device.

water pump motor


By selecting metering pump, dosing system maximum flow can reach 18000 L/h, maximum working pressure can be up to 3000 bar, can satisfy almost all industrial chemicals added applications in the field of requirements.


The dosing control system provides users with from simple proportional additive to the specific process parameters (such as pH, ORP and residual chlorine, etc.) according to the set point or concentration range automatic integration solution required drug dosing, widely used in water treatment, aquatic products processing, power plants, beer, beverage, cosmetic and petrochemical and other fields.


Complete set of technical features of the control system of dosing is able to fit the needs of different industrial process medicament treatment, on the basis of drug properties, change appropriate smooth concentration of preparation, measurement and control. Equipment matching not only pay attention to the advanced nature itself, pay more attention to its efficiency, the mutual influence between equipment and in accordance with the technical particularity of the reagent reaction.


All the accessories configuration of integrated dosing, as shown in the control system can be left on but in the actual process, according to different process conditions can be completely to choose accessories.


A complete dosing control system generally includes:


A metering pump A1 metering pump external control signal B injection valve

Ball valve C D metering pump E pulse dampers

F G back pressure valve valve H float-type liquid level switch

I bottom valve J K intelligent controller gauge

L M sensor measurement sensor sheathed N flowmeter


Moreover, according to the customer's requirements, dosing control system can also be equipped with liquid medicine box, mixer, electric control system equipment and components, etc. If you have related consulting, please contact Shanghai Yu ke electromechanical

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