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WILDEN diaphragm pump

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WILDEN pneumatic diaphragm pump 
WILDEN fluid transmission power!In the early 1950 s, American mechanical engineer James k. Mr Wilden invented the world's first pneumatic double diaphragm pump, fluid pumping technology into another new field."In 1955, Mr. Wilden for as long as it is fluid, we can pump it," the idea of create the Wilden pump industry engineering company.After 50 years of process improvement and technology innovation, WILDEN has developed into a room at present, the world's largest pneumatic double diaphragm pump (AODDP) and its accessories manufacturers.WILDEN technology has been committed to the pursuit of excellence, improve customer satisfaction, and guide the industry development direction.As pneumatic double diaphragm pump room (AODDP) the global leader of the industry, with WILDEN 55% market share, more than eighty countries sales and service network all over the world, let you can always get WILDEN brought about by the latest technology products.As the core of WILDEN flagship product, room WILDEN pneumatic double diaphragm pump (AODDP), complete specifications, species diversity, to provide you with a wide range of choices.Import and export from 1/4 "to 4" size, maximum flow rate of up to 275 GPM (1040 l/Min), the highest resistance to temperature of 176.7 ℃ (350 ℉).Hydraulic parts made of aluminum alloy, cast iron, stainless steel, alloy C, polypropylene, poly (vinylidene fluoride, teflon, etc.

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